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2006 Weekly Update

Karate Center Weekly update - August 14-19, 2006 Hello Everyone, As we begin a new week of training many of us are returning from the San Diego Nationals while others are still out there enjoying vacation time. The Championships were fantastic and the members from Region I who attended represented us extremely well. In fact, Region I's form team consisting of James Lawrence, Meghan Cheever, Joseph Plourde and Michael Plourde demonstrating so well that they placed first for the nation in the Jr. Dan Team Hyung category. In addition, an incredible sequenced sparring demonstration from our own Masters Steyer and Cheever was definitely one of the highlights of the weekend. Numerous other awards were earned during individual competition from our members which can be viewed on the Federation's website ( So take a minute to check out some of those highlights as I'm sure you will recognize a few faces. Once again our organization put together an excellent celebration and tournament for the families, friends and members and the people of Region 9 (CA) were great hosts for it. Turning our attention to our own classes this week, all classes will be held on a regular schedule at both the DKOCH (Danvers Knights of Columbus Hall) and the HWCH (Hamilton/Wenham Community House). Normally, on Mondays at the HWCH we have an hour from 6:00-7:00 PM which has been reserved for our Team Form practice, but since Nationals is now over, we will be using that hour to hold an extra help session for any students. It will be held outside on the lawn (weather permitting) and be a great opportunity for students who will be testing in September to "brush up" on there techniques. Since this will be taught less formally than a regular class, it will not "count as a class" on the students' attendance record but everyone is still welcomed. Lastly, as a reminder, please remember that next week will be our second and last vacation closing for the HWCH; all classes will be cancelled. However, classes will continue to be conducted at the DKOC during that same week (Wed & Thurs instead of Tues. & Thurs.). In closing, I look forward to seeing everyone at training this week. Our focus will be on Hyung (forms) so check your required forms and come prepared. Enjoy the week! Yours in the Moo Duk Kwan, Master Harwood

Karate Center Weekly update - August 7-12, 2006 Hello Everyone, As we start a new week, our training concentration will shift to Ho Sin Sool (Self-defense) techniques. Since we worked Sparring last week we may still continue with some of those concepts so all students are encouraged to still bring their sparring gear with them to class. In addition, to best prepare yourself for training this week, it would be wise to refresh your own knowledge of your wrist grabbing techniqes. All classes at the HWCH (Hamilton/Wenham Community House) will be held as scheduled. However, there will only be one training night for the adults at the DKOC (Danvers Knights of Columbus) - Thursday, August 10. Unfortunately we will not have the space on Tuesday evening (Aug. 8) so please make a note of this cancellation. Lastly, as many of us prepare for our trip to Nationals in San Diego, CA next weekend many of the Dan members will not be around this week. Our best wishes are with everyone making the trip, and of course our Regional Team Form consisting of Mr. James Lawrence, Miss Meghan Cheever, Mr. Joseph Plourde and Mr. Michael Plourde. Enjoy the experience and share with those unable to make the trip; our energies are with you all. Have a great week! Yours in the Moo Duk Kwan, Jim Harwood

Karate Center Weekly update - July 17-22, 2006 Greetings Everyone, I hope this note finds you all in the best of health and spirits. As our first weekly update, I hope this will be a reliable way to keep you informed of activities at both our locations - Hamilton/Wenham Community House(HWCH) and Danvers Knights of Columbus (DKOC). All scheduled classes this week will be conducted as usual - Tues. and Thurs. at the DKOC (7:00-8:30 PM) and all classes Mon-Thurs. at HWCH. The only change will be to our Saturday morning class at HWCH. This class is normally taught from 10:00-10:45 AM to our Pee Wee students, however, since the attendance of this class has been thin, we are going to try making this an All Rank class for Adults, Children and Pee Wees. The class will be extended to 1 hour (10:00-11:00 AM) with Pee Wee students dismissed at 10:45 AM. Thank you for your continued support and enjoy the week ahead. Yours in the Moo Duk Kwan, Master Harwood

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